July 14, 2009 § Leave a comment

Last friday turned out to be a bit eventful…thanks to a couple dickbags who firstly were assholes to Neon Love, nn then decided to jump up on stage in the middle of our new track n proceeded to knock a foldback off stage..

A generous shove from dan and resulted in a face plant, and then good friend Jimmy Barr yanked one off stage where he kissed the wall quite hard….

We also had Bec up the front literally rip up one of the guys jacket n hand it back to him….

Massive thanks for the crowd havin our back n gettin pysched into the show as soon as they were kicked out!

From up on the stage it had a crazy energy that the crowd was givin off…but hey, a friday night front bar show, recipe for a great night!

We’ll be playing July 25th at the Evelyn in a couple weeks so if you need tickets get in contact with one of us, or thru facebook….


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