‘Down The Rabbit Hole’ Launch Party Thankyou’s!’

August 17, 2010 § Leave a comment

Well hello to our fellow ‘Rabbit Hole’ journey men and women,

Firstly we just wanted to take the time to say what a fuckin rad night we had at our ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’ launch party! Absolutely incredible to get the sort of response that we did so just wanted to send out a few special thanks to some of the amazing people who helped us out and made it all possible…

To the rad dogz from ‘Evie’ who helped us out creatively, logistically and awesomely! Thanks so much guys, look forward to working closely together in the future and cant wait to see what the next installment will bring us…Check em out at…


To our good friend and own personal tradie, Mr James Carr, who pretty much built the entire thing himself. From the ‘Rabbit Hole’ entrance to our furry friend hanging above the stage and everything inbetween. All this without even asking for anything in return, absolute champion!

Thanks to our amazing Publicist Emma, for her tireless work, invite co-ordination, amazing insight and killer partying ability!

To Mikey at ‘Shape’ warehouse for giving us the venue for the night and full creative control to do whatever the fuck we want!

To our trusty head of production JJ. Without him we wouldn’t of had the ridiculously large stage setup and lighting rig that we needed so thankyou so much mate. We heard it was fuckin loud…Rad!

To our new friend Rui for supplying the Decks and other Dj equipment.

Thanks to the Dj’s for utilizing said Dj equipment. ‘Dj Jean Pierre’, ‘Dj Chestwig’ and pretty sure we saw Rui up there at some point so thank heaps duuudes…

Also to Danny Caz for helping out with the set up and handling our lights for the night. From all accounts, did an incredible job with the illumination of the 5 of us…

Thanks to Mr Christian Fish for the killer artwork that he gives us time and time again.

Thanks to Tommy, our photograpgher for the night and to anyone else that took some killer shots…Mr. Josh Collins, were looking at you!

Massive thanks to our ‘Bunnies’ for the night. Joey, Ji, Kamal, and Shadow, we heard those suits were quite warm so many thanks!

To our awesome door girl, Sarah, even worked all through the show while the late comers arrived, awesome…

Thanks to the cops for the 2 warnings, the $600 fine and the eventual shutting down of our venue. Thanks for the suggestion but we were having too much of a good time to finish so music came back on right after you left!

To the older tenant at the warehouse who, while we soundchecked,  proceeded to wash his clothes in a bucket in the sink, smoke a fat scoobie and wear a killer poncho. Thanks for the morale boost!

Lastly but certainly not leastly, thankyou so much to everyone who came down and made our ‘Rabbit Hole’ what it was. It was the most incredible time for us and meant so much to see so many of you down there making it one hell of a kick ass party!

We hope to see you all again really, really soon,

Until then…






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