Laters twothousandandten…..

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Before iphones with video existed, somebody would have had to of drawn this and made a flick book.

NYE @ The Espy

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Hey all,

I know it is slightly late but here are some photos of our NYE show at the Espy. Brought in the new year and had an absolute blast thanks to an amazing crowd who weren’t afraid to get a little loose! If you were in the room then thankyou so much for joining in, if you weren’t, then i hope you will next time…

You may also notice an extra bearded fellow on stage, thats our good friend Jules who helped out playing percussion, mainly cowbell! Strangely, he didn’t talk too much but definitely made up for it, mainly on the cowbell. You may see him helping us out in the future so look out for him…

Photos belong to this mad dog so check him out…

See ya’ll soon…


(Also big thanks to our great mates, JJ for sound and Mr Carr for the vibe!)…

Espy New Year’s Eve…

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We we’re reading the Lovely Beat publication last week when we came across the ad for this year’s infamous New Years Eve celebration at the Espy when Caz realised that it had our name on it…..

After a quick call, it was confirmed….We got a slot for NYE at Espy…So we’re Psyched!

Hope plenty of people can make it down to the show, will be a rockin night with The Drones, Tumbleweed, little Red and Oh mercy plus more to be announced!

Tickets are $58 plus booking fee
1300 762 545



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Last friday turned out to be a bit eventful…thanks to a couple dickbags who firstly were assholes to Neon Love, nn then decided to jump up on stage in the middle of our new track n proceeded to knock a foldback off stage..

A generous shove from dan and resulted in a face plant, and then good friend Jimmy Barr yanked one off stage where he kissed the wall quite hard….

We also had Bec up the front literally rip up one of the guys jacket n hand it back to him….

Massive thanks for the crowd havin our back n gettin pysched into the show as soon as they were kicked out!

From up on the stage it had a crazy energy that the crowd was givin off…but hey, a friday night front bar show, recipe for a great night!

We’ll be playing July 25th at the Evelyn in a couple weeks so if you need tickets get in contact with one of us, or thru facebook….

Espy show…

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We’ve put this line up together with good mates Clavians and Neon love….Clavians rip it up with their Scuzzd out two piece juggernaught and Neon Love will have us singin n Dancin along to their catchy as hell tracks and losin any inhibitians, pants are always optional!  We’re so pumped to play this show, will be an awesome nyt! We get to play with killer bands, and with Red ink headlining its sure massive!

Espy front bar

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Hey all, thanks so so much to all the beautiful faces we saw down at the front bar on friday nyt! We had a ball and was so good to see some old faces aswell as new ones!

Sorry to anyone who asked for demos, i had left em at home but i owe you one….feel free to drop us a line at with an address an i’ll be more than happy to send one out to you, or u could jus drag your ass to our next show! eithers cool with me!

Till next time,

Much love, the wet type.


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