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Before iphones with video existed, somebody would have had to of drawn this and made a flick book.


Purple Sneakers, Triple RRR & Video Shoot Pics…

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Ello Ello Ello,

So in some more rather exciting news surrounding our July national tour, we’ve been asked to Dj at Sydney’s favourite indie club, Purple Sneakers, as they help launch our debut E.p. ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’…

“Purple Sneakers is like a big house party in your own lounge room – sweaty, packed dance floors, random pushing, sticky carpets and non-stop dance-riot action all night long.”

Taking place on July 9th at the Gladstone Hotel, Sydney, this is gonna be one hell of a way to kick off our inaugural tour of this great country and a kick ass way for us to celebrate the E.p. hitting stores! We’ll be playing a heap of our favourite tunes and showing off a bunch of our influences so you can be sure, it will make one hell of an eclectic night of music.

There will also be a bunch of giveaways of the E.p. and very cheap drinks so if your in the area, make sure you come down and come celebrate with us!

Also be sure to tune into Melbourne radio station, Triple RRR, as they’ve added our debut single ‘Soul Digger’ to their playlist. Remember too, the more you request, the more it will get played so help us bring ‘Soul Digger’ to the masses and start requesting…

Finally, speaking of ‘Soul Digger’, we’ve uploaded a few shots from behind the scenes of our first ever video shoot for said single at

It was an amazing two days of shooting and we look forward to showing you the finished product. Here is one of the screen shots to give you a better idea….

Hope to see you at a show sometime soon…




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My ears are feeling infected from filthy water, our clothes have been trashed, our vertabrae are in agony but we have been able to witness amazing creative direction and a whole lot of beautiful locations around sydney…keep posted as we get the the pics to you…First day only four hours away from a wrap!

Skinny xoxo

‘Soul Digger’ Music Video…

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Hello all,

So just thought that we’d give you a quick insight into one of our more recent endeavours in what is now becoming, the remarkably busy world of ‘Alba Varden’…

In the very near future, we will be hitting the skies once again and will be travelling to the very fine city of Sydney to begin production on our debut music video for our debut single off of our debut e.p. Thats 3 firsts for those of you playing at home! For those of you who haven’t been paying enough attention, the single in question is in-fact, ‘Soul Digger’ and we cant wait to get it all underway.

We will be working alongside esteemed Australian music video producer and Director Of Photography, ‘Adam Howden’. Adam has produced and shot over 35 music videos for artists as varied as You Am I, Children Collide, Kram, Kisschasy and many more.

Directing duties will be handled by up and comer, one ‘Alex Ryan’. Alex has directed some striking and unique short films and will be taking this opportunity to foray into the world of music videos, where I’m sure he’ll feel right at home.

Now we wouldn’t want to give too much away but expect a video that will be, as always, a little left of centre and something that will definitely have a lot more to it than first perceived.

Look forward to keeping you all up to date and showing you the finished product!



‘Soul Digger’ Launch – Thankyou’s!!!!

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Hey hey Peeps,

So the ‘Soul Digger’ launch show has come and gone and we are all still buzzing from the absolutely amazing night that ensued!

A Massive turn out came down to help us celebrate and the vibe in the room was fuckin electric so thankyou so much for being a part of the celebrations as the support means everything to us! We hope you all got a ‘Soul Digger’ sampler to take home too, if you didn’t then swing us a message and we’ll send one out to you for free…

Just wanted to say a few thankyou’s as the night wouldn’t of been possible without these amazing people…

Firstly thanks to our great friend and sound engineer ‘JJ’ for the amazing sound job he did and also for organizing our intense lighting rig.
Thanks heaps to ‘Dan’ for programming said lighting rig!
Thankyou to one of our closest friends ‘Julez’ for helping us out onstage with some amazing percussion sounds. Squid!
Thanks to one ‘Matt Crute’ for giving us an amazing hand with publicity and venue hire.
Special thanks to the super talented ‘Christian Fish’ for all the jaw dropping artwork.
To our favourite band in Melbourne right now, ‘Clavians’. Thanks for playing guys, you both killed it as always and thanks to Aleksei for jumping up and helping us out mid set!
To our favourite Dj, ‘Dj Jean Pierre’. The kid can fuckin mix so thanks for keeping the good times flowing.
Also, once again to ‘Boy+Girl’ and ‘M-Phazes’ for the banging remixes.
Thanks to ‘Julian Lucas’ for the ridiculously creepy intro visuals he did for the show, was hard work but they were definitely worth it so thanks buddy.
Also, thanks to ‘Andrew Harrington’ for the live shots, absolutely killer! Check em out below, we’ll put em all up over the next couple of days…

Lastly but certainly not leastly, thankyou so much to everyone who showed up and showed their amazing support. It really means the world to us so thanks again and we hope to see you all next time!

Until then…



-All live shots by ‘Andrew Harrington’…

New Remixes…

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Hey all,

So we’ve been quite lazy as of late while other people continue to do amazing work with our music!…

We have 2 brand new remixes for ‘Soul Digger’, the first single off of our debut E.P, ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’…

Up first is a banging club mix by none other than acclaimed Australian producer  M. Phazes.  Renowned for his ability to craft the perfect beat, this certainly does not disappoint. Absolutely had no idea what to expect but the finished product is nothing short of amazing!

2nd on the line  is a cruisy and uplifting mix from the wonderful Dj Jean Pierre of  Boy+Girl fame. Its a smooth french, chic, housey mix that takes you on a ride throughout its many swirls and layers. An unmistakably flawless finished product and  we wouldn’t expect anything else from such an accomplished musician.

You shall all get to wrap your ears around these killer mixes in due time but if you cant wait, come to the ‘Soul Digger’ launch on the 20th and you just may get a cheeky sneak peak…

Special thanks to M Phazes and Jean Pierre for putting in their time and effort and for their amazing work!

Take care and until next time…




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At the moment we have our track “Soul Digger at #3 on the overall Unearthed please head over and check out the other two tracks from our Forthcoming Ep.

They are all downloadable too, so go grab our music for free!!!


Click ze link…


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