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Sorry mum, I won’t be home for dinner on these dates..

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A lost tour diary……

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One of the many stops of our 2 national tours during 2010.
Watch with your eyes, then play with your loins.

It’s that time again bitchesssss

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Well we are out of the studio and ready to smash and crash all over AUS once again. This time AV will be inflicting a unique TWO part release. Which you all helped in choosing for us to record (much love x).

The tracks are…..
‘This Instance Between Me and You’ (part I)
‘Try To Get Away’ (part II)

They will be uploaded very soon so get your ear holes ready for some loving.
Untilthen, scrawl these dates down and continue waiting.

Feb 25th @ Wold Bar, Sydney, NSW
March 3rd @ LambdaLambdaLambda, Fort Valley, QLD (RedInk & Fushia)
March 4th @ Balcony 153, Brisbane, QLD (with Grand Atlantic)
March 5th @ X&Y, Fortitude Valley, QLD (TheArt & Blonde on Blonde)
March 12th @ The Espy Rock The Bay Festival, VIC
March 18th @ The Promethian, Adelaide, SA
March 26th @ Pony, Melbourne, VIC (with In Tounges, Fushia & Ghost Mutt)


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3 days of twisted AV fun that we hardly remember. Thanks QLD you slut

We ate lunch in a hospital.
We drank/played @ Lambda Lambda Lambda.
We watched a fuckload of ‘Always Sunny in Philadelphia’.
We were never sober.
We smashed the shit out of Wet n’ Wild.
We rocked with ‘Sugar Army’ @ the Troubadour’s last weekend ever. R.I.P.
We gained some elderly fans in Toowoomba.
We didn’t take a single photo.

[So here’s some we have stolen]

Melbourne – [you sexy slay dawg]

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Put down that cup of tea you square and come play with us on Friday


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