Revolver gets mashed and mixed…

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Melbourne underground bands come together to make love with one another.
Also some sounds were made with instruments.
[Danny “wheels” Wright behind the lens.]


Here Bunny, Bunny, Bunny, Bunny….

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For all of us that can’t remember what happened “Down The Rabbit Hole“.

Souls captured by – Thomas Law, Josh Collings, Robbie Warden.

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Before iphones with video existed, somebody would have had to of drawn this and made a flick book.

‘Soul Digger’ Launch – Thankyou’s!!!!

March 23, 2010 § 2 Comments

Hey hey Peeps,

So the ‘Soul Digger’ launch show has come and gone and we are all still buzzing from the absolutely amazing night that ensued!

A Massive turn out came down to help us celebrate and the vibe in the room was fuckin electric so thankyou so much for being a part of the celebrations as the support means everything to us! We hope you all got a ‘Soul Digger’ sampler to take home too, if you didn’t then swing us a message and we’ll send one out to you for free…

Just wanted to say a few thankyou’s as the night wouldn’t of been possible without these amazing people…

Firstly thanks to our great friend and sound engineer ‘JJ’ for the amazing sound job he did and also for organizing our intense lighting rig.
Thanks heaps to ‘Dan’ for programming said lighting rig!
Thankyou to one of our closest friends ‘Julez’ for helping us out onstage with some amazing percussion sounds. Squid!
Thanks to one ‘Matt Crute’ for giving us an amazing hand with publicity and venue hire.
Special thanks to the super talented ‘Christian Fish’ for all the jaw dropping artwork.
To our favourite band in Melbourne right now, ‘Clavians’. Thanks for playing guys, you both killed it as always and thanks to Aleksei for jumping up and helping us out mid set!
To our favourite Dj, ‘Dj Jean Pierre’. The kid can fuckin mix so thanks for keeping the good times flowing.
Also, once again to ‘Boy+Girl’ and ‘M-Phazes’ for the banging remixes.
Thanks to ‘Julian Lucas’ for the ridiculously creepy intro visuals he did for the show, was hard work but they were definitely worth it so thanks buddy.
Also, thanks to ‘Andrew Harrington’ for the live shots, absolutely killer! Check em out below, we’ll put em all up over the next couple of days…

Lastly but certainly not leastly, thankyou so much to everyone who showed up and showed their amazing support. It really means the world to us so thanks again and we hope to see you all next time!

Until then…



-All live shots by ‘Andrew Harrington’…


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Last friday turned out to be a bit eventful…thanks to a couple dickbags who firstly were assholes to Neon Love, nn then decided to jump up on stage in the middle of our new track n proceeded to knock a foldback off stage..

A generous shove from dan and resulted in a face plant, and then good friend Jimmy Barr yanked one off stage where he kissed the wall quite hard….

We also had Bec up the front literally rip up one of the guys jacket n hand it back to him….

Massive thanks for the crowd havin our back n gettin pysched into the show as soon as they were kicked out!

From up on the stage it had a crazy energy that the crowd was givin off…but hey, a friday night front bar show, recipe for a great night!

We’ll be playing July 25th at the Evelyn in a couple weeks so if you need tickets get in contact with one of us, or thru facebook….

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